Grover Clifton: Motivation

10k Training with Kat Dapolito

Grover Clifton BackTraining

Grover Clifton Leg Training

Stephanie Pedano: Battle Ropes and Weighted Jumping Jacks

Two great exercises that get your whole body moving! I use these exercises at the end of my shoulder workout as a finisher to really feel the burn. After each workout I always re-fuel with ABN products!
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Treadmill Walking Lunges with Jennifer Capozzi-Rogers, NPC Bikini Athlete of www.ABNScience.com

Sculpt a toned tighter butt with treadmill walking lunges. Set treadmill to a speed of 1-2 miles with an incline of 10-15 percent. Lunge for 2 minutes walk slowly for 1. Repeat this for 20-30 minutes

Training Shoulders with Grover Clifton

Grow the Booty – Kat Dapolito of www.ABNScience.com

This move is great for building glutes. Trying to incorporate this twice per week. You can really fee the butt muscles being isolated. Don’t be afraid to go heavy either. And squeeze! And don’t forget to refuel your muscle with ABN BCAA!

Knocking out Sunday Meal Prep with Jennifer Capozzi-Rogers, NPC Bikini Athlete of www.ABNScience.com

Plyometric Leg Training with Jennifer Capozzi-Rogers of ABNScience.com


Lunges with Kat Dapolito – ABN Science

Grover Clifton Squats

Back, Biceps & ABN with Jennifer Capozzi-Rogers

Ab Training with Jennifer Capozzi-Rogers

Grilling with Kat Dapolito

Best parts of summer in this video. Pool, sun, doggy, grilled chicken with garlic!


“Beach Squats” with Kat Dapolito


“Sweet Potato” with Kat Dapolito

My favorite way to prepare sweet potatoes.  Sesame oil spray and Asian seasoning (finger and garlic). Low sodium and very simple.

“Saturday Morning Workout” with Kat Dapolito

Saturday or Sunday of every week I focus on my weaknesses. This Saturday I focused on shoulder caps, glutes, and hamstrings. Here’s a bit of my workout: