ABN is the brain child of IFBB Pro Superstar King Kamali. With 2 National Championships, IFBB Pro Rookie if the Year honors, Top 5 at the most prestigious professional shows in the world, the winner of every major best poser/entertainer award in bodybuilding, and with a B.S. in Kinesiology from GMU King was ready to take on a new challenge and take the sport supplement world to the next level. These accolades added to 25 years of personal training experience leads us to the creation of Anabolic Breakthrough Nutrition, LLC. King had a vision of establishing the premier sport supplement company that would use pure science and technology to bring about the best supplements to the world. This is where his partner Ehsan Farahi comes into play. Mr. Farahi is a well-known and respected TV personality in Asia, Europe and The Middle East. He was not only the host of the most popular Health & Fitness program on Satillite TV:  Real or Fake… But also the director and producer as well. He gained the trust and respect of millions of viewers each week as he exposed fake supplements being manufactured from China, India and Middle East.  He singlehandedly changed the retail market as he exposed the fakes. With countless connections and 20 years of experience as a top trainer and gym owner Mr. Farahi was the perfect fit for completing King’s vision.