What is strong?

What is strong? What is strength?

  1. If you ask; most people want to be strong, but not all are there are many opinions of what strong is, so let’s look at the definition
    The power to move heavy weight or perform physically demanding task.
  2. Able to withstand great force or pressure.

In an industry where muscles are big and egos can be even bigger there are a lot of thoughts and ideas, theories on how one becomes strong and continues getting stronger. Resistance, challenges, what you take in, amount of rest, sure, but there is physical strength and mental strength, both require discipline; both are needed. Pushing through difficulty to get something better, stronger. This is true in body building and in life. The discipline to stay focused on the goal, to go thru difficulty equals growing pains, you know that saying “No pain, No gain” to build strength you have to go thru the pain, the pressure, it will breaks you down, that’s the idea so you can rebuild better, to going through the experience, staying focused on your goal, staying positive, being open to grow, to learn, this builds strength. You heard of strong marriages, strong will, strong character, strong starts and a strong finish, just to name a few. But the truth is, when it gets difficult most people look for the easy way, a short cut, or they just quit and make excuses. Weight lifting, Bodybuilding is like life, we need to work on our weakness, while keeping our strengths.
Many times during these times, in order to grow and progress. people will depend and/or rely on some assistance or help, a work out partner, spotters to push us thru the pain, it’s the same in life we need that support to push us thru those painful times to come out of it stronger, wiser. Some turn to alcohol, drugs, or some turn to God. Weightlifting like life; the truly strong ones will keep pushing thru the resistance, the struggle, making new gains, learning our limits, to handle more now than they did in the past.
Learning when to stop, when to rest, when to get up, you will make mistakes, you will get hurt, but the truly strong learn from it, and will make that mistake a positive, So strength is learning about yourself, wisdom, knowing when and how much to do, that is strength. And in life as in bodybuilding, we all start out as beginners but hopefully we don’t stay there, hopefully we learn go forward and never quit, that is what will make you strong and that is what separates the strong from the weak, no excuses, but learning. Learning when to ask for help and receive the help. Learning when you need to help someone else. Learning when to push yourself, learning when to push somebody. Learning when not to push. Learning when to start, when to stop. Strong is always moving forward. So strong is wisdom, gained from pain. Now go push those weights in the gym and in life and stay strong.

Maryanne Donzi
Owner, Dumbbells Health and fitness
North Bergen N.J 07047.