Ehsan Farahi was born on the 14th April 1983, in the majestic country of Iran.

He grew up in an athletic family where his father was the Asian Champion in bodybuilding at the time. His father founded the second fitness studio in Iran, and Ehsan basically grew up playing with free weights, machines, and watching athletes getting ready for bodybuilding competition.

At a very early age he took over his father’s gym and that was the period of time which built up his vast knowledge of Health and Fitness. At the age of 22, while working at a supplement store Ehsan became profoundly interested in sport supplements and he decided to take his interests to the next level. He soon realized that Iran was at that time not quite the right platform for him to grow so he decided to move to Dubai to continue his passion. In 2007 he became the marketing manager of IN Muscle Supplements. He was the industry expert that helped IN Muscle Supplements develop into one of the most successful companies in the Middle East. Soon after that he became the industry expert for Physique Magazine, the first English magazine about fitness and bodybuilding in the Middle East.

In 2009 he hosted and produced his own show on Physique TV, called “Fake “. Today Ehsan Farahi is 31 and due to his experience, curiosity, and love for this industry he is one of the most respected individuals in the business of health and fitness in all of the Middle East and Asia. As an athlete, personal trainer, nutritionist, TV host, and supplement expert he has teamed up with IFBB Pro King Kamali to bring to the industry the best sport supplement company in the world… ABN!